portable carry case 300w

Conti 300W Portable Carry Case Power Station


HD Conversion Cable with VGA and Audio Output

HD Conversion Cable with VGA and Audio Output


-This adapter is great for new MacBook’s that come with a USB-C port. USB-C is smaller than USB-A and comes with some fantastic new features that previous generations did not have. This adapter enables you to plug in up to 3 USB-A devices in to the one USB-C port; great for USB sticks, keyboards, mice and other computer peripherals. You also get a standard RJ45 Ethernet port which enables you to connect to networks that do not support WIFI.
-Connect multiple devices to your computer at once with this USB-C to 3 x USB-A 2.0 adapter. Not only can you connect USB devices using this adapter but also connect to wired networks.
-Type-C can plug in both sides. Compatible with Windows XP/7/8/10, Mac OS V9.0 or above systems, it doesn’t need drive. It can also plug and play with 100 Mbps Ethernet port
-It is compact and lightweight so you can take the adapter anywhere with you without the addition of bulk. Due to its size you can easily store it in a bag with your laptop.
-Support 10Mbps and 100Mbps N-way auto-negotiation operation.
-Interacted fast ethernet Mac, physical clip and transceiver in one chip.
-Support both full-duplex and half-duplex operations.
-Expand three high speed Type-C 2.0 ports to connect USB devices.
-Compliant with Windows7, Mac OS X. Driver-free and plug and play.

-USB-C Hub and Network Adapter
-Male USB Type C [USB-C]
-3 x USB Type A
-1 x RJ45 Ethernet Port

What’s in the box

  • 1 x USB 2.0 Type C to RJ45 Ethernet Adapter


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