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KastKing Royal Legend 3 Combo (Rod and Reel)


KastKing Royale Legend III Carbon Spinning Casting Fishing Rod and Reel.

2.4m Baitcasting Rod for Bass and Kurper Fishing

Medium and Medium Heavy tips included.

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Product Features:

Two colour schemes inspired by nature’s beauty, adorned with laser-effect finishes, offer a dual treat for the eyes and touch.

The new Royal Legend III rod and reel features the same design elements, seamlessly complementing each other, bringing a fresh wave of personal style to the world of lure fishing.

With a brand-new look, the Royal Legend III rod and reel is designed with practicality as its starting point.

The Rod

  • 8Ft
  • Comes with 2 tips… Medium and Medium Heavy (M and MH)
  • The addition of 30T high-tonnage carbon fiber makes the rod lighter, while KastFlex-X4 braiding technology provides strong resistance to bending.
  • The 4-layer wrapping ensures powerful fish-catching performance.
  • The F fast-tuned design makes the bite more distinct, helping you fish efficiently.
  • CarbonSE carbon fiber mixed with 30T and 24T carbon fiber
  • The combination of high- and low-tonnage carbon fibers achieves the perfect balance of lightness and strength.
  • The high-tonnage carbon fiber provides a lightweight and strong feel, while the appropriate use of secondary pure carbon fiber ensures necessary strength.
  • This mixed process gives the rod both lightweight and powerful characteristics.
  • LTS ceramic guide ring
  • High strength, high sensitivity, smoother
  • High-precision guide ring ensures smooth and unobstructed passage of fishing line. Higher thermal conductivity ensures efficient heat dissipation.
  • Protects fishing line from damage and combines with anti-entanglement bracket for smoother casting.

The Reel:

  • Gear Ratio 7:2:1
  • Fake bait
  • Bait casting
  • High speed
  • Power lock
  • Double Support System
  • MaxiDur shielded
  • Great for ocean, rock, beach, dams, rivers


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